Why choose Revenue Enhancement Services to reduce your receivables?
We provide complete revenue cycle management from each patient’s admission
through the private pay and Medicaid process, monitoring private insurance, NAMI
collection, billing and re-billing, and ensuring continuous Medicaid coverage.  
We audit Nursing Home accounts receivable systems back six years to ensure all
dollars are collected, and at the correct rates.
We have had great success in obtaining Medicaid approvals on secondary
referrals from hospitals.
We have our own collection division to go after unpaid NAMI and private pay bills,
and have partnered with a top legal firm for situations where litigation is deemed
Experienced former Medicaid workers on staff.
We offer free A/R audits and discounted pricing to users of MEDS.
Extensive client list.
of Medicaid Applications
EDITS certified software for Nursing Home, MLTC, and hospital applications (non-MAGI), with support for
5 year lookbacks for health plans.  Click
here for more information.

To schedule a demonstration of MEDS at your facility, please call Lou Lista at (516) 480-9083.
The Medicaid Eligibility Decision System
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Our Medicaid and NAMI tracking spreadsheet demands accountability from the
workers and has had great success in improving cash flow.
We have developed tools to read and organize remittance files and aging reports.
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Revenue Enhancement Services